Friday, February 1, 2008

Lesson 5: Jesus Christ is the Son of Heavenly Father

So I mentioned earlier that I've been trying to figure out how to open the lesson. Here's my plan.

Opening: Picture time

I'm going to show the kids a picture of my Dad and Mom holding me as a baby. I'm going to show them the picture and ask them:
What is this a picture of?
How do you think the Daddy and Mommy feel about the baby?
Do they love the baby?

Who Loves You?
Pull out a bean bag or small ball. When I throw the bean bag to a kid, they have to tell me someone who loves them and throw it back. I'll make sure to give every kid a chance to name someone who loves them. I'll also make sure to bring a spare bean bag so I can continue the game if someone won't give up the bean bag.

Someone Else Loves You
Tell the kids there is someone else who loves them. Have them guess. Tell them it is Heavenly Father. Talk about how he is the father of our spirits. Tell them there is someone else who loves them: Jesus. Explain that Heavenly Father is Jesus Christ's physical father. I plan to try to find a picture that shows both of them so I can point to the one I'm talking about.

Nativity Story:
I'm going to try to find a very simple picture book that tells the story of the nativity and read it to the kids. While I read I will ask them who the different people are.

Alternate Idea: Place plastic figurines in a brown paper bag. Let each child come up and draw a figure out of the bag and let them say who that is. Have the kids build the nativity together or pretend to be the different character.

Jesus Grows Up
At this point I plan to raid the library for pictures of Jesus and run through several of them with the kids.

Rhyme -from the lesson manual
Young Jesus went to the temple (walk in place)
Before he grew strong and tall (stretch arms up)
To do the work of his Father (hold hands out)
Because he loves us all (hug self).

I think I might try to add a few verses to do with the kids.

i.e Jesus was baptized in river Jordan (make a flowing river with hands)
To be obedient in all (make a grand gesture) . . .

That's my lesson plan so far. Anyone have any ideas to add? I LOVE the suggestions

I'm planning on trying to do a small craft afterwards. My friend Sarah discovered this AWESOME glueless collage idea that is perfect for toddlers. Check it out here on her blog. You basically get the sticky contact paper, let the kids stick stuff all over it, then fold it in half so it seals shut. It is BRILLIANT. There's a butterfly spinoff idea which is also really cool. Contact paper is totally my new favorite substance on this earth.
I'm trying to think of objects I could provide that would relate to the lesson. Any suggestions?


jeans said...

So cute. Kate you are a genius. I think the nativity figurines or nativity story will work really well.

For the contact paper craft, first - don't worry too much if it doesn't relate to the lesson. But if you feel it really should, maybe little cut-out paper loaves and fishes? stars like the one over Bethlehem?

jenmomrn said...

Those lessons have lots of finger plays...and we don't do that sort of thing as much anymore. I wonder why? Do kids respond well to them? It would be interesting to experiment with that.
The lesson looks great. I believe the key is to clearly state the main idea of the lesson over and over again...repetition is the key to learning at this age. Think of how often kids like to read the same story over and over don't get bored hearing the same idea (You have a Heavenly Father who loves you!)over and over, that's how they learn it.

piebean said...

Wow, you really plan a lot of stuff! It's great to see that you're so prepared. I bet the kids love you.

I have a Question (not related to this post). I noticed on your profile that you don't have kids of your own... Do you find that the parents, and other leaders, treat you differently, or have less respect for you, because you don't have children of your own? I've found that people think I don't know what I'm doing, when I know that I'm perfectly capable.... but yeah, whatever.

Kate said...

Piebean - Oh yeah, I totally get the what are you thinking?!? you obviously have no kids of your own thing. Which stinks because I almost always know it will work and I can handle it. I get that a lot with parents who are skeptical about their kids lasting the whole time.

But being Mormon you're always around a ton of kids, whether you have your own or not so there's lots of experience to draw on.

It shook me up at first but then I decided I didn't need the calling to be any harder than it already is.
I do my best to ignore it.

As I've been in the calling longer I've seen the nay-sayers chill out. And the majority of the parents have always been really grateful and kind about the work I do.

The Fear Fam said...

Love the contact paper collage. I did this with my eldest daughter when she was nursery age and it was a big hit. Thanks for reminding me about it, I'm sure the kids would love to do it again and I happen to have some contact paper in the closet!

And about the "not having kids" thing. Just my 2 cents but I think it probably makes you a better nursery leader in some respects because you aren't completely burned out by being around kids all week. I was in nursery several times while my own children were in it, too, and I have to admit it was not a favorite time in my life.

Keep up the good work!

M said...

I did the butterfly idea with my nursery today. It was a hit! Thank you soooo much for this blog. I love the ideas and I love the enthusiasm you have for doing a great job at nursery.

Tami said...

You have some awesome lesson ideas! Thankyou for linking to Sugardoodle! I can't wait to use your brilliant ideas, i am always grateful to draw on the hard work & efforts of those invested in the kids they teach!! Thanks again. (I was thinking that any naysayers thinking that having kids was a pre-qualification to teaching them might in reality just be empathy for the poor soul in such a position who isn't already into the kid-love sort of calling & leadership thing! Anyway, if that makes sense... So, i am glad you're great with it! Keep it up

LuAnn said...

thanks so much for your ideas and for taking the time to post them for us. Bless you.

EmPasche said...

So I'm home for a long break until April from BYU-Idaho. Three weeks ago I was called to be a teacher for the sunbeams. I'm twenty and have zero experience with three year olds. Let me just say--YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING. Just want to thank you for your ideas and posting them. I tried following the manual the first week and it didn't turn out so's lesson went really well thanks to your help! I am truly grateful that I can learn from you all on how to be a better teacher! Thanks again!