Thursday, February 7, 2008


This may be the most successful nursery craft I've done yet. I did it last Sunday because I hung out at a party a little too long Saturday night. Turns out contact paper can be difficult to find at 11:30 Saturday night. I was ready to panic. I needed an easy craft I could make from grocery store supplies. As I roamed the aisles I had no idea what to do.

I honestly believe this idea was a blessing from God. It was time consuming in a good way, not too difficult and the kids absolutely loved it.

Here's what you need:
2 small dixie cups, masking tape, a bag of dry beans and some stickers.

Here's what you do:

Get two small dixie cups and tape them together with masking tape. Cup one facing down, cup two facing up.
Like this:

Once FIRMLY taped together cut a small x in the bottom of the cup, just large enough to push your small finger through. You now have a tiny hole about the size of a dry bean.

Here's what the kids do:

Give each kid a set of taped cups and a small handful of beans.

Let them fill the cups with as many beans as they want. They really love shoving the small beans in the hole.

Let them decorate them with stickers. I recommend the foam ones.

When the kids are content with their bean load, help them put a sticker over the top so the beans won't fall out.

Then the shaking will begin!

Here's how it happened in my class:
I made my own shaker before class. I passed out the empty taped cups to each kid. Then I held up my cup and said see my shaker? Ready? Listen! Then I shook it really loud. The kids were amazed and immediately jealous. Then I told them to shake their cups and asked them if they heard anything. They shook hopefully then admitted they did not. Then I told them all they had to do was add the beans. I was amazed how excited they were. As soon as I put a few beans on the table they leaped into action. They liked it so much, a few started fighting over beans.

As pointless as these may seem, they are great to keep around for singing time. The kids love being able to shake them to the beat of the song. I plan to do it on the lesson I am Grateful for my Ears and any other time I need a craft.


Disco Mom said...

Awesome! I did a guest nursery lesson 2 years ago or so and I think it was the ears one or something related because I did paper plate shakers - color and decorate a paper plate, then put beans on, fold in half and staple the heck out of it. But yours is much, much better because the kids are doing the fun part of putting the beans in ONE BY ONE. And heck, yeah, those shakers are gonna be serious fun during singing time - that is NOT pointless. I need to get beans and masking tape but then we are doing that here at home next time we're bored. Genius.

Amy said...

That's a brilliant idea to have THEM fill the shakers w/ beans through the hole on the end. I would have probably stayed up until 1:00 making a shaker for each child and then been grumpy all day Sunday. Your idea was much more practical and interactive.

Jamie J said...

How fun!! I'm definitely filing this idea away in my brain! And I have TONS of dixie cups!

Abby said...

This will be a fun idea for babysitting, too. Thanks, Katy.