Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Really I Just Love This Video

Really I just love this video, but I think it might give you an idea of what my singing and dancing looks like. I am NOT a musical person. I never sang or danced for fun. I was more the art geek, athlete, and overall nerd in school. My voice cracks just singing primary songs. I often forget the words and have to make them up. My point being, that real talent isn't needed to lead a nursery. The willing are called to the work, right? And as the kid shows, pure enthusiasm can take you a long way.
Watching this video also made me realize what a big nursery dork I am. While I was CRACKING up I was thinking I wonder what those songs are. They're upbeat and have hand motions. What are they? Does anyone know?

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Caroline said...

OOH! I know! I know! You can find all the words here...

They have a tab you push for the lyrics. And that 2nd song is called, finger and toes. (I hear it in my car ALL. DAY.)