Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Company

I think one of the hardest parts of being in nursery is how lonely it can be. I have a great friend who is the mother of a two year old. She told me when she was serving in nursery (she was released a few weeks ago) she would come home and cry because she felt like church was her one chance to get out and enjoy some adult company and her calling kept her in kiddie land.
I hang out with adults all the time with my work but serving in nursery does cut down on my "Mormon time." One thing I'll do when I get home from church is to read a conference talk then go hang out in the Mormon Archipelago for a while. I feel like it helps me get my church fix, get ideas about what to study personally and I just enjoy the chatter.
Speaking of chatter, I really love and appreciate the chatter that people have been making about this blog. A big thanks to
Feminist Mormon Housewives - I'm on their link bar. Little me! Wow.
Mormon Mommy Wars - Always good for a laugh! She did a post about this blog which I will be forever grateful for. People put some helpful, funny comments you might enjoy reading if you haven't already.
Finding Myself Again - She just put up a great post about what she does in her nursery class.
My So-called Blog - My new favorite blog. It's just SO fun to read.
I have a pretty good feeling that without them none of you would be reading this except my mom and sisters. Hi Mom and sisters! If I left anyone out please let me add you. The more the merrier!
Tomorrow I plan to post on the lesson I'm preparing for Sunday, Heavenly Father's Plan For Us. If you got ideas, I would love to hear them.


katie said...

Flattered! I know what you mean about being lonely in nursery. Blogs definitely help fill that void.

Me again said...

Lesson time is definitely where I struggle the most.

You're going to give a lesson to kids who have an attention span of 5-7 minutes. 10 if you're lucky. 1 if you're not.

Where is the motivation? :)

We usually give them something to color while they listen to the lesson. That seems to help a lot.

But on those crazy days when the lesson turns into a 30 second clip among all of the "Please sit down" and "Come on guys, out from under the table". Those lessons can really get me down.

The lessons where kids are answering with correct answers and are into the lesson... now those are golden.

I know we've all been there.

Does anyone have any ideas for attention grabbing?