Sunday, January 13, 2008

Worst Nursery Story Ever

For fun, here is the worst nursery story I have ever heard. It was told to my husband while he was Home Teaching by the victims themselves. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Happy, newly married Couple Z were called to be in nursery together. Their ward was young and quickly growing which means lots of nursery kids. Couple Z did the best they could in the small classroom they used for nursery.  They had 15 kids at the time so it was very crowded. 
One day, a little boy came to nursery as usual, we'll call him Billy. His mother warned Couple Z that Billy had been sick with a stomach bug but he seemed to be feeling better. Nursery proceeded well until the last hour. Then Sister Z noticed that several kids were quietly congregating in a corner talking among themselves. Even worse, something was starting to smell VERY VERY bad. 
Sister Z went over to investigate and saw that Billy had taken off his pants and diaper and experienced an "explosion" of sorts right on the carpet. Even worse, the other little kids had decided to investigate and were quickly spreading the fowl substance onto every surface in the room, the toys, the walls, each other, EVERYTHING.  
What to do in such a situation? 
The bishop called a lock down and pulled every parent out of their class to rescue their poop smeared children.
When nursery is going badly, I like to think of this story. It reminds me that it could always be worse. 


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THANK YOU for this site! I am floundering in my nursery calling, and I'm excited to read your blog.

Disco Mom said...

That's definitely the worst nursery story ever. I shall think of it when my kids get sick and I feel up to my elbows in poop and vomit - it happens regularly. Anyway, it will remind me that error on the side of caution is appreciated and keep the kids home from church! Oh yeah, and kick, scream, and complain like crazy if the adult:child ratio in nursery is 1:7.5!