Thursday, January 24, 2008

Island Hopping

Here's another little game I discovered by accident. I guess it's kind of a modified hopskotch. I call it Island Hopping.
Take some masking tape and tape out small circles all over the floor. Have the kids try to hop "island" to "island" without falling into the "sea".
I don't know why but the kids seem to really like this game. They'll hop the route over and over. They're islomaniacs. Check it out here. It's a real condition, an obsessive love of islands.
My lesson plan for this Sunday should be up by tomorrow. Thanks again for dropping by.


The MomBabe said...

We totally do that at our house. Except the floor is hot lava, not water. But it's GREAT.

katie said...

hey kate....thought you might find the "waldorf style nursery" discussion going on at feminist mormon housewives to be VERY interesting indeed.

Jamie J said...

Sounds fun!

Kate said...

Thanks for the tip. I can't wait to check it out.