Friday, March 14, 2008

Lesson 9: I am Grateful for Water

So last weeks lesson went really well. My class normally has about 12 kids show up. Thanks to the combination of the flu season and spring break only five kids came. It was soooo easy. I almost felt in control. Almost, not quite, but almost.

During snack I read them the story The Little Cloud by Eric Carle and a few of the other books. They seemed to enjoy it.

So here's a quick summary of what we did. I showed the kids a picture of the earth and asked them what it is. We've done this three or four times now and one kids every time says the moon! Then all the other kids say the moon! Then I tell them it's the earth, it's where we live and they stare at me. Then I show them a picture of Jesus and ask them who it is. Then I told them that Jesus made the Earth because he loves us.

I told them I was going to show them something really special that Jesus made. I told them to close their eyes. I had a spray bottle filled with water and I hid it under a piece of cloth and shook it. I asked the kids what they heard. Then I told the kids to hold out their hands. I put the spray bottle on mist and I sprayed their hands with the mist. I asked them what they felt. They said water! I asked them what it felt like. Then I told them to open their mouths and twisted the spray bottle to a stream and gave each of them a spray in their mouth. I said they could taste the water too. That cracked them up and I spent the next five minutes letting them feel or taste the water.

Then I asked them what they did with water. I showed them a picture of Rebekah at the well. I talked about how we drink water. Then I asked them if they ever drink water. Then I showed them a picture of people taking the sacrament and talked about how we drink the water during the sacrament. I showed them a picture of a child being baptized and a picture of Jesus being baptised and a picture of Christ washing the apostles washing His apostles feet. I let the kids point out the water in each of the pictures.

Then I let the kids sit at the table. I gave each of them a pie pan filled with a little water and a cup and the played and splashed in the water. A couple of them drank the water. They seemed to really enjoy it.

Then we cleaned up the pie pans and we did a little craft where they glued raindrops over an umbrella and drew flowers.


Megan said...

Wow!!! You never cease to amaze me. Those kids are so lucky to have a fabulous teacher in you.

jenmomrn said...

I would have had fun in that class.

Utah Lovebirds said...

Wow! I think you did a FANTASTIC job teaching about the sacrament and baptism- the sacrament is something the kids do every week without thinking and baptism is one thing they are all looking forward to. Both things they can easily relate to. And then to further tie in lesser known (to little kids) scripture stories. I'm amazed!