Saturday, March 1, 2008

Song: Once I Was A Baby

One of my class's favorite songs is Once There Was a Snowman. As it warms up, it can get a little weird to be singing about a snowman. I mean, I know he melts and the kids don't really care but when it's 98 degrees outside, it gets obvious you're just desperate for any song.

So I was really happy when the lesson manual provided another little song that goes to the snowman tune. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. They will sing it five times straight and still be begging to sing it again. Here're the words:

Once I was a baby, baby, baby. (Pretend to rock a baby in your arms)
Once I was a baby, small, small, small. (Shrink down, like a snow man melting)

Now I’m growing bigger, bigger, bigger. (Grow back up)
Now I’m growing bigger, tall, tall, tall! (Throw your arms high in the air)

We sing the snowman and the baby song every class.


Abby said...

That's HILARIOUS! I'll have to try and remember that one.

Utah Lovebirds said...

I had to lead "Once There Was a Snowman" during 3 different ward's sharing times while I was 9 months pregnant. What a pretty picture. All 5'10" of me wobbling down to the ground and struggling to get back up without losing my balance. SO fun!

kelly miller said...

We adapt "When my mother calls me quickly I'll obey" by having the kids in one corner and they run from adult to adult around the room depending on who stretches out their arms. (mother, father, grandpa, grandma, teacher)

Canamerican said...

Just found your blog! You are amazing! I am Nursery Leader for 17 little ones and started out feeling VERY out of sorts. I have 3 kids of my own- 13, 4 1/2 and 2 but never did I find a calling more challenging yet rewarding at the same time! Just catching and trying to keep their attention for a few moments is difficult! We used this song and my kids LOVE IT! They want to sing it every song time! What a wonderful regular to sing especially in the warmer months! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! You are blessing the lives of all those sweet spirits- they will remember you when they are older!

Kelly Louder said...

Just found your blog. Thank you so much for your ideas! I was just called as a song leader for nursery. We have 4 separate nurseries so I rotate between them all. I would love more song ideas! Thanks.